Dr. Tina Tew

There are a number of reasons that we as humans seek the counsel of others; however, the most important reason to me is seeking growth. We all encounter struggles and challenges and face a series of choices. I believe it is in our nature to question our choices and it is those questions that I hope to help individuals explore while on their journey. I am especially interested in the question of how to connect meaningfully with others, as I believe this is the cornerstone of human interactions and relationships.

I am a licensed Psychologist with a Doctoral degree in clinical psychology. I attained my Bachelor of Science In Psychology and Child Development from the University of Texas at Dallas. I have experience working in both residential and non-residential treatment centers. I have clinical experience working at Texas Health Presbyterian in neuropsychological and inpatient psychiatric assessment in addition to inpatient substance abuse treatment center work. I currently work with adults and adolescents in both therapy and assessment.